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Helping families thrive in the fourth trimester and beyond

What does Postpartum

support look like?

I'm here to support your needs as a family, and that differs for family to family.

It might include:

-meal prep and guidance on nutrition to support recovery

-newborn care

-sibling care

-light housework

-evidence based recommendations on feeding, bonding, and infant care

-processing and validating birth experiences

-professional and community resources and referrals

-emotional support

-recognizing early signs of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

-non-judgmental support

-answering questions

-feeding education and support; bottle, breast or pumping

-book lending library

-accompanying to appointments

Why Postpartum


The World Health Organization recognizes that the postnatal period is a critical phase in the lives of mothers and newborn babies. Proper planning and care for this time is critical to the long term health and well being of families.

I look forward to taking the time with families to discuss their needs, expectations, fears, and what support will look like after they welcome their baby. We will consider their lives holistically and how it will be affected by adding a new family member. I will provide a workbook to go through, and spend time discussing meal planning, home organizing and prep for baby or whatever questions arise.

They will come out of these sessions with more peace of mind and confidence, having started to build their village of resources that will help them navigate and thrive during their fourth trimester and beyond.

My Story

I remember all the planning and excitement I put in to being pregnant with my first child. Trips to baby stores, classes, pregnancy journals, appointments. Then after having my baby I felt lost, didn't know what to do and thought I should just quickly get my life back to normal. I did not plan for meals, mental health supports, what to do with visitors, etc. It was a stressful time as I dealt with lactation issues, sleep deprivation, stress and anxiety.

With my second and third child I learned, I planned better, I rested, I made plans to nourish myself. I saw huge changes in my adjustment each time. Planning to care for my body and mind postpartum while pregnant helped me to have a fourth trimester that was more peaceful. My hope is to help other parents to feel prepared and cared for in their postpartum times. I am grateful to be able to use my experiences to help them plan or to be the one who is with them helping normalize the challenges and changes along the way.

My past career as a registered nurse in pediatrics and mental health have given me a great foundation on health and supporting families during times of need. My personal studies in holistic health, nutrition, pregnancy and postpartum have made a difference in how I support my physical and emotional wellbeing and I am excited to share this knowledge and experience with others.

Prenatal Planning Session

What’s included:

  • postpartum planning workbook
  • 60-90 minute zoom session going through workbook with you and your partner
  • postpartum healing cookbook and guidance on meal preparation and herbal remedies for the fourth trimester
  • herbal tea and bath tea for postpartum recovery
  • assistance in setting up a meal train for when baby comes (if this is something you want)
  • 60- 90 minute home visit to help set up your nursery and stations around the house
  • Resources and Local Referrals list
  • Time to answer your questions
  • 60 minute video call to follow up after baby is born

Investment $250

Prenatal planning session

See page above


Postpartum support

mini package

4 Hours of postpartum care and consultation


Postpartum support full packages

12 hours

24 hours

40 hours

Postpartum care and consult. Includes the essential postpartum cookbook and nourishing care kit (herbal tea for recovery and herbal sitz bath). Pricing based on hours.

Additional hours: $35/hour




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